73rd CSLC – Local phase completed

First week went past quite slowly, booking out only on a Saturday morning. With the initiation turn out on the third day, we are expected to be always on our top guard. The rest of the week was basically just learning and punishments. We had to learn many things within short timings, such as how to operate the signal sets, night fighting equipments. We also had a day of Urban Ops training and also TAG training (helicopter ops). Coupled with a lot of PT. Ended the week with a 2.4km jog + 2.4km power run. For the 2nd week, we … Continue reading 73rd CSLC – Local phase completed

New balance 580

I decided to switch things up and move towards different types of shoes. I was looking for a pair of adidas in Taiwan but little did I know that this pair of new balance actually caught my eyes.  I got it for NTD2310 which is around SGD105. It has a comfortable sole and also it is suited for people with wide foot like me. The overall base colour of it is black with a tinge of military green at the heels. It’s design is not too complicated for the commonman to understand or comprehend.  I haven’t purchased a new balance … Continue reading New balance 580

Adidas // AlphaBounce 1 M

I’ve recently gotten myself a new pair of sneakers as a form of reward to myself for completing BMT.  I chanced upon adidas’s alphabounce RC at a local store one day and I was contemplating on whether I should purchase it. At that point I decided not to and wanted to wait for a week before deciding again but by then, the shoe was out of stock island wide.  So I went on to look for a similar shoe to that and I saw this. Alphabounce 1 m. It has a pretty simple and neat design to it and I … Continue reading Adidas // AlphaBounce 1 M