Taiwan R&R 

20th – 22nd May. It was the time of R&R for those of us who have been to Taiwan. I went to Taiwan as part of 73rd CSLC and those three days of R&R is simply heavenly. 

Firstly, we had paintball session in the morning followed by a free and easy time at Yingge folks town. 

Afterwards, it was free and easy for the whole night so we went to Gongguan, hoping that we are able to get some cheap shoes and I bought a new balance 580. 

Then, it was day 2 and we went to martyrs shrine in the morning, it was basically a switch over of guards for that hour and they displayed some sick coordinated movements.

After that,  we had a whole day of free and easy. We went to Wufenpu,  followed by Ximending and then Ningxia night market to purely eat all the snacks that they have for us. I spent about NTD4000 purely on food (I think?). And as for day 3, we went to Ximending again to eat and eat until we couldn’t walk anymore and sadly, it was time to head back home to Singapore. 


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