Adidas // AlphaBounce 1 M

I’ve recently gotten myself a new pair of sneakers as a form of reward to myself for completing BMT. 

I chanced upon adidas’s alphabounce RC at a local store one day and I was contemplating on whether I should purchase it. At that point I decided not to and wanted to wait for a week before deciding again but by then, the shoe was out of stock island wide. 

So I went on to look for a similar shoe to that and I saw this. Alphabounce 1 m. It has a pretty simple and neat design to it and I like how it stands out in a  different way from the other adidas shoes as you can see in the photos. 

It is rather comfortable, it fits nicely over my feet and it provides a stable support even as I am walking long distances with this shoes. I bought this shoe at the price of SGD120. It is a pretty reasonable price too so I guess this is a worthy haul. 

I aim to buy a shoe for myself every time I complete a milestone while I am in the army. I guess this is my way of keeping myself motivated to keep on striving and not giving up. That’s all for now, till next time! 


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