Korean Food (Pink Candy) @ Beauty World – Super filling

We visited Pink Candy awhile ago. They serve some delicious Korean food. I don’t know whether it tastes like authentic Korean food but to me, it tastes pretty legit. 

Upon entering, we were served with some drink that tastes a little like Brown rice tea but I’m not sure what it is actually. Also, we were served with some side dishes which includes kimchi, macaroni with coleslaw sauce, eggplant and fishcake. We had the Noodles in jjangjang sauce ($11.90) and Rice cake with Ramen ($12.90). 

Both of it tastes good but we couldn’t finish it at all as there was too much to finish. The noodles could do some improvements though. The taste of the sauce is not that strong so I could taste the yellow noodle taste and not everyone enjoys that. 

The Rice cake with Ramen was pretty good to me but it is a little spicy. The ramen is amazing. I love how the ramen tastes. It is springy and the sauce complements it altogether. I think it would be the perfect dish for those who can take spicy. 

They are opened 11:30am-9pm everyday except for Wednesda. They are located on the 4th level which is right beside the hawker stalls. 


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