Bukit Timah Hill Hike – Gonna revisit to train for tougher terrains

Visited Bukit Timah Hill awhile ago during my block leave and managed to clear this little hill rather easily as compared to the previous time which was a few years ago. 

After going through the BMT back then, I have became stronger physically of course, so going up the hill was not too difficult, re-routing to a higher difficulty path was rather manageable as well. It was a pretty fun experience to re-route and the next time I go, I will definitely re-route to Dairy Farm. 

This is the picture of the old map but it’s still pretty accurate so I’ll just use this. So the next time, I’ll still go the normal route for starters, following the red route all the way, until I reach the Rengah path, then I will follow that stretch till I reach North View hut and continue to the right, onto Dairy Farm loop until Dairy Farm hut and making the way back to the normal routes. It is estimated to take about 1-2hours to complete it, so I am pretty excited to see how it’ll turn out to be. 

Nevertheless, I went up to the summit the other day and took a few photos. Not the best but it shall make do for now. 

Surprisingly, there is a huge crowd there that day and I didn’t expect there to be so many people there. It was almost like an event is going on that day at the summit which is pretty cool to see how Singaporeans are taking the healthy lifestyle seriously. 


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