Southern Ridges – Great way to start the day 

I have been to the Southern Ridges once, back when I was in primary school. And that was a long long time ago. I decided to go there again to try walk the whole stretch again. And this time, it didn’t felt that long. 

So I started off from Kent Ridge, I alighted at Kent Ridge MRT and followed the road to the entrance of Kent Ridge Park and climbed a few stretches of stairs until I reached the main park connector so from there I just followed the road all the way until I reached the canopy walk. It was a cool experience to be walking above the trees. Afterwards, I reached Hort Park. Hort Park wasn’t as interesting to me as its mostly plants and parks instead of scenery and I am more of a scenery guy so yeahhh. 

After Hort Park, it was the Alexandra Arch, which is a prettyl looking bridge that is good for photo taking. After that it was a long stretch on bridges, just like the canopy walk, until reaching a slope that would lead to the Henderson Waves.

I thought that the Henderson Waves would be a longer stretch but it was pretty short. I thought it would be way longer than that. Moving on, I reached the Mt Faber area. And then from there it would be easy to locate the directions to Harbourfront MRT and Vivo City. 

The entire journey took about 3hours or so? I searched and it was about 10km/more? It was a pretty cool and good experience to be walking through those places especially for the view on the bridges, it is absolutely stunning. I would recommend walking in the morning or evening as it would not be that hot. 

Many would recommend going to the Henderson Waves at night. I personally think that it is a great idea as the night lamps would really light up the whole place beautifully. It would be the perfect place for a date as well 😉 

All in all, this nature trail is a must-go. It provides great scenery and the long walks provides the opportunity to have a long conversation as well (good for bonding) and last but not least, it works out those muscles too. 


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