Creating my own Pomade brand 

Anyone reading this blog should know that I am a Pomade enthusiast. And since I am interested in this field, why not make a earning out of it? I decided to begin creating my own Pomade.

I done all my research and got all the ingredients that was available to me. From there, I started experimenting and creating a good, solid Pomade formula. 

I have came up with a pretty neat oil based Pomade there other day, but it is lacking in certain aspects. It has a pretty solid hold and has the ability to last throughout the day. The scent however, fades away rather easily. The Pomade is also lacking in slickness, according to my friend that tried it. 

I will be working on a new water based product and hopefully it can really perform. I would be pretty busy with my army life for the next two months. So I will only be able to put my focus back into this around June this year, and I’m not sure when I would be able to release this product into the market as well, so no guarantees. But I would definitely have more time to focus on this next year because usually the year 1 of an NSF is pretty packed. 

For the water based Pomade, some of the pros that I am aiming for would be definitely easy to wash out, easy to apply, strong, firm and lasting hold. If I can meet this few requirements, I think that the product is a good to go for starters. 

Till then, hopefully by the next update I can finally say that I have released my very own Pomade brand! Thanks for reading 🙂 


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