Art Science Museum – NASA – A Human Adventure & Into The Wild 

Art Science Museum recently had a new exhibition, Into the Wild and NASA – a Human Adventure. Into the Wild is a free exhibit. NASA – a Human Adventure ends on 19 March, so be quick if not you’ll miss it.  

Firstly, for NASA – a Human Adventure, it is located at level B4, same as FutureWorld. It is pretty self explanatory, everything inside is about the journey from how man first travelled into space. It provides the history as well as some parts of the Cold War. 

Also, it provides insights on how the pioneers started out, their uniform and all

It also mentions about the process of how the rocket takes off and showcase of the different parts of the rockets. 

And for Into the Wild, it is basically an interactive game kind of thing where you are required to go on to level 4 to plant a tree and then move to the room and view a video on how mankind is destroying the jungles and how we should be preserving it. 

I remember the last time I was here was back in 2013 when there was the Lego exhibition. I love Lego so I found the exhibits really enjoyable but I don’t really get rocket physics so I don’t really understand 90% of what’s going on ha..ha..


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