I enlisted on 6 January 2017 at Pasir Ris Camp, aka Commando Training Institute (CTI). From there, I kicked off my NSF journey.

BMT lasts for 9 weeks.And then, we will have our Passing Out Parade (POP).

Firstly, we had our 2 weeks confinement before our first book out. We were all extremely excited back then when we first book out and book in again. Then, we had our range, learning how to shoot and stuff like that. (And our whole platoon attained 100% marksmanship on the test day, better than the other platoons) And soon it was outfield. Those 6 days were pretty manageable except for all the high kneeling, proning and sleep deprivation. Other than that, the mud and sand became my best friends for the entire trip. After field camp, I KO for the night when i booked out. We also had our first and last grenade throw during field camp. Surprisingly, we didnt have turn outs during this field camp, but we got a mini one when we are back at camp. Afterwards, it was a huge chunk of close combat training and parade drills which was somehow tiring although it wasnt as intensive as what we did during field camp. That’s about it. (Plus all the progressive and tiring route marches up to the last one which is 24km.)

Commando BMT isn’t exactly a breeze and it is definitely not the same as those in Tekong. But after going through the training, I felt that I have become stronger mentally and physically. I have also grown a lot closer to my detachment mates and platoon mates over the course. We are always excited to see each other during our book in.

I am not sure about how much I can reveal because some of the information is classified and restricted and I don’t know which is which so I would rather play safe.

Nevertheless, the feeling of completing BMT is great. Afterwards, we will all be moving on to our vocational phase.

Platoon 3 Detachment 3 

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