A-Levels Results 2017

[Personal story ahead; if you want my advice on A-Levels, skip to the last paragraph].

I just received my A-Levels results today. Two years ago, before collecting my O-Levels results, I was wondering about the possibilities and preparing contingency plans for the different types of result that I would get but I decided that I should just clear my mind and accept it as it is and start deciding from there on. For my O-Levels, I scored a decent score that was more than enough to get me into Pioneer Junior College. It is a neighbourhood school and just so happens, it is within my proximity. Thus, I went there to further my studies as a JC student. For my O-Levels, there was two subjects which I felt that I could have done better, and they are English and Combined Humanities (SS & History). History repeated itself as I felt the same kind of disappointment again today when I saw my A-Level results as two of my A-Levels subjects, similar to English and Combine Humanities, did not meet my expectations. Those two were General Paper(GP) and China Studies in English(H1 CSE).

For those who are reading this or my other blog posts might feel that there is a lot of grammatical errors or whatever errors in my writing. Honestly, I have always been lacking behind in terms of my English proficiency. Coming from a mandarin-speaking family, I was already at a disadvantage in trying to improve my English. Also, I have never like reading since young. When I am “reading” the newspaper, I am most probably just browsing through the photographs and understanding the bigger picture. If you are reading until here, you might be thinking that I am just complaining, giving excuses and that I deserve it since I did not put in the effort.

When I was in JC, I make it a point to read the newspapers every weekend. Initially, I aim to complete at least 5 full articles every time I read. However, due to the short attention span, I would often skip over to reading other articles on phone and switching back to the papers, in order to retain my focus. For GP, I specifically researched on the various topics and study them so that I would have a good foundation for content. I also went on to find help to improve my writing techniques but it wasn’t effective as learning from YouTube does not really help much and the teachers are often too busy to be booked for consultations.

For China Studies in English, it is a humanities subject that covers the political, economical, social affairs about China and China’s relation with the world. We are required to write essays and source based questions for this particular exam. Throughout my entire JC life, I have only obtain the grade C. Even for my A-Levels. I consulted different tutors for this subject in order to have a better grasp over it. Okay, now for this, I would say that our tutor gave us the wrong topic to study and also we did not finish our syllabus proper. Most of the topics taught were touch & go, so we did not have the depth of the subject.The % ABs was 43.7% for this year as compared to 98.3% last year. Yes, what a big jump. I don’t know what happened as well.

All in all, my grades aren’t bad but I would say that I could have done even better. I did pretty well for the rest of my subjects (H2 Mathematics, Physics and Economics) and i would like to thank all the teachers that were there to help me throughout the tough journey.

For those who are taking your A-Levels soon, my advice is just go all out and don’t look back. Don’t procrastinate. Giving your all in these few months would be a great and worthy investment that would help you when you receive your results. Most of you think that you can’t, that’s why you can’t. Once you convince yourself and stay motivated, you would definitely be able to get 90 rank points. Most of the time we convince ourselves that we are unable to but that is not true, instead we are unwilling to, humans are able to do so much more, as long as we put our heart and soul into it, we would definitely be able to overcome the obstacles straight ahead. It applies not only to A-Levels but every other obstacle in life.


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