Nylon Coffee Roasters – Best in Singapore 

Its been awhile since I visited this cafe. In my opinion, they serve one of the best coffees in Singapore. The baristas here are really experienced and friendly. They have a vast knowledge over the topic of coffee and there is a roaster at the back of the cafe.

The prices of their coffee is cheaper than other cafes (another plus point). The taste of their coffee is simply on point. The other time I went, I had a kalita wave using Ethiopia beans and it was fuuhhhh. I could taste all of its flavours and it was amazing. After tasting Nylon’s coffee, every other coffee that I’ve tasted was meh and bland.

Nylon coffee roasters also sell beans for home brewers at affordable prices but most of their stocks are limited so if you want it, better get them quick before its gone.

I tried their cold drip this time round and BAM, they never fail to surprise me with the taste of their coffee. It has this intense sweetness with an amazing aftertaste that doesn’t leave the back of my tongue feeling dry.

The address is 4 Everton Park, #01-40, 080004. It is located right beneath the HDB flats so don’t be too surprised when you see it. The shop is pretty small and theres no seats inside, so just enjoy the coffee quickly and go on to have a great day ahead!

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