Teddy Boy Original By Anchors Hair Co. – Creamy

Teddy Boy have been in the scene for quite some time. The last time i used it was back in 2014 when they are still using the older design. Now they have repackaged it and the design is now printed straight onto the jar.

Design: The design of the jar undergone renovation and i cant really tell if i like this better or the previous version. But noticing how the printing comes off really easily, i would say sticking to stickers would be a better option. However, it was a good attempt by Anchors Hair co.

Scent&Appearance: It has a creamy look. Almost like cream of mushroom. It has this natural oil scent which i cant tell what it is exactly. Peppermint oil or tea tree oil scent, i am not too sure of it.

Application: It is cream. Scooping it out is like scooping whip cream. Easy. Spreading it out onto your hands&hair is easy as well.

Slickness: Slick. It is slick, unless yours is really tough strays, then this product should suffice.

Strength: It appears to have a good hold. As what other reviews would say, this has a stronger hold than its counterpart, Teddy Boy Matte, but to me its hold is not something that you can look forward to, unless you are willing to smear tons of it on your hair.

Shine: It has minimal shine, so not much to worry about this component.

Endurance: Really disappointing. It cant keep your hair there for the whole day without recombing it. Even after recombing, it may still drop/fall.

Hardness: Does not harden at all, it is not a gel based pomade.

Greasiness: When you look at the ingredients list, you might think that it is a really greasy product but no it is not greasy at all.

Restyling: Since it does not harden, it is possible to restyle but it would not be able to hold up as well.

Washing: Easy to wash out, no issues


Overall Pros & Cons

Pros: It is not a greasy product and it is able be restyled without much difficulty

Cons: Not my daily go to despite what others would say, this product often disappoint me in times of need as it does not stay in place.

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