The Jadioc Pomade – Reliable companion

This product is made in Malaysia. Real clean thing. It is able to withstand the heat in Singapore as well. Real easy to style with. Definitely a product that has changed the pomade scene in Singapore as well.

Design: the design of the jar is sticked on using stickers. At the sides, it shows the ingredients, directions and some of their contact information. 4 oz jar. It uses black as its design’s overall base colour. Pretty neat.

Scent&Appearance: Opening up, it has a plastic lid covering the pomade. Probably sealed to ensure its product’s freshness, afterall it is a water based pomade, you dont want it the water to evaporate off that quickly. Scooping it out shows that it has a glossy yellowish green look to it. It has the scent of honeydew.

Application: Very easy to scoop out and its very easy to spread out on my hands. Very easy to apply. One of the easiest product to apply.

Slickness: its a pretty slick product, no issues on taming the sides. The more you use, the more control you can have over it.

Strength: The more you use, the greater the hold. It has a pretty strong hold which can be compared to that of Suavecito. (If you dont get the hold you want, just use more product and you can get it, estimated around 3-4 light scoops)

Shine: decent amount of shine especially on my hair. Even when it dries up, the shine still remains.

Endurance: this product is definitely able to hold up when sufficient amount of product is being used.

Hardness: it would dry up and really harden if you are in an aircon room, if not it’ll still dry up but would not harden to that extent.

Greasiness: not greasy at all.

Restyling: restyle is possible only with water.

Washing: washes out in one wash, even without the use of shampoo or conditioner.


Overall Pros & Cons

Pros: it is made in Malaysia, so it is built to withstand the humid and hot weather, thus making it a good product to use here. I can’t emphasise this enough, the more you use, the more you get, so just go ahead and use more if you need it to hold up. And it is really easy to apply and wash out.

Also, if you are in a rush, i reccomend this product as if you need to rush and style your hair, this product has that potential. I can style my hair using this in less than 5 minutes and I’m good to go.

Cons: its scent fades away after it is applied, so there will be no scent left when it is on your hair. To add on, if your hands are wet, the product would not spread out that easily.

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