Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold – Everyone’s first

Welcome to my first ever pomade review. To get things started, I’ll definitely start off with everyone’s first, Suavecito.

As I stay in Singapore, a land known for its high humidity, it would cause water based pomades to function differently as compared to when it is being used in other countries, thus, my pomade reviews would be specifically catered to those who stay in places of high humidity or those that has a weather that is very similar to that of Singapore.

Please check out my previous post to know exactly how I would be reviewing the products, over here  About Pomade Reviews…

Design: The design of the jar is pretty clean, just pure simple labels, directions and ingreditents. The cap showcases Suavecito’s classic Skeleton Pomp. Pretty clean fonts as well. Scent&Appearance: Its scent is one of the most distinct. It has this cologne smell which could be overwhelming to some, but to me, i think that it smells great. I wouldnt mind having a cologne that smells like this. It has this brownish coke like colour.

Application: No problem with scooping the product out. Spreading it out on the hands would have a little resistance but much lesser than that of Slick Devil. Application on the hair is pretty easy, but may experience slight resistance at times as its gel-based.

Slickness: Overall, it is pretty slick, I could tame down most of the stray ends except some at the back which is pretty hard to tame given my hair type.

Strength: It has a great hold even when I am using minimal amount of product. To have greater hold, just use more but do note that it may be harder to control as your hair would get heavier.

Shine: It has great amount of shine initially when it is being applied onto damp hair, but when it dries, its shine fades with it. However, it would still have some shine left and its not a matte product.

Endurance: It is able to endure the entire day, provided you allow it to dry and harden in a aircon room and ensure that it does not get wet. When you sweat or the humidity is too high, it can cause the product in your hair to ‘melt’ and destroys the pomp that you have created.

Hardness: It would definitely harden when you are in an aircon room however it would not harden completely. You can still comb through it even when it hardens but it will definitely be harder to comb through.

Greasiness: It is not greasy at all even though it appears to be.

Restyling: It is possible to restyle without water if it is not completely hardened, but when it is hardened, have a small amount of water on your comb to ensure that the restyling process is smooth.

Washing: Washes out in one wash, with the aid of shampoo/conditioner of course.

Overall Pros & Cons

Pros: the scent is one of my personal favourite

Cons: it dries pretty quickly so gotta make sure the whole process is quick

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