Slick Devil Pomade – Stickier than glue

Slick Devil reminds me very much of Suavecito. I think of it as Slick Devil is a cousin of Suavecito. They have much similarities yet glaring differences, such as its thickness, scent and appearance.

Design: It uses a black classic 4oz plastic jar, like that of Suavecito’s. With a devil head and its hair slicked back. Pretty neat. Its ingredients are printed onto the jar which may fade away over time if its scratched.

Scent&Appearance: Others say that it has a vanilla tobacco scent. To me, it just smells really sweet and yet havng a thick consistency to its smell.

Application: Scooping it out is harder than Suavecito and when you are spreading it out on your hand, it feels like spreading thick UHU glue on your hands. Some of you may not like it as applying it to your hair may feel like it is pulling your hair, so be gentle about it. It is difficult to spread it out evenly on your hair due to its thickness.

Slickness: It is pretty slick as the name suggests. It is definitely able to tame the strays down without a doubt.

Strength: It has a really strong hold, one that may surpass that of Suavecito due to its thickness. It feels really solid when I’m using it.

Shine: It is supposed to be a matte product, but given my hair type it still has some shine to it, so do not expect it to be totally matte.

Endurance: It is able to endure throughout the whole day, as you can see in the photos below, i did not recomb it, i practically did not touch it again after i left my house, and also since it is gel-based, it definitely hardens up so there wasnt a need to restyle again. But there was once when i used it and i went into a really humid place and it practically fell apart.

Hardness: It hardens up without a doubt, its gel-based.

Greasiness: It is not greasy as it is a gel-based pomade, so it is really easy to wash it off your hands after application.

Restyling: It is possible with water but it may not have its original hold and it would definitely be weaker than before.

Washing: Washes out in one shower, no biggie.


Overall Pros & Cons

Pros: It has a really strong hold.

Cons: It is difficult to spread&apply evenly on the hair and may cause it to fall apart later on.

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