Shear Revival Crystal Lake – water based like an oil based 

Crystal Lake. Even its name sounds mysterious. It is definitely a product that i am really into. It underwent a reformulation last year and the one that I have currently is the newly formulated one.

Design: Classic 4oz amber glass jar. Really clean and neat. Its design is sitcked on. It is really clean and neat.

Scent&Appearance: It smells like buttery mango. It is really refreshing to me but there will be haters of course.

Application: The product is a little hard to scoop out as it is really solid. Trying to scoop it out is not easy but spreading it out on my hands and hair is pretty manageable. But do note that it is not that easy to spread it thoroughly and it is better to use more and spread it out more thoroughly, if not it may fall apart later in the day.

Slickness: It is able to tame most of the strays but the stubborn ones at the back are just to stray for crystal lake to tame. 😦

Strength: It is really strong as it has the goodness of an oil based inside a water based.

Shine: Normal shine, like I’ve mention, it has a little lesser shine than that of a normal oil based

Endurance: It is definitely able to endure throughout the whole day and i really didnt have to recomb it much.

Hardness: Never hardens, aint gel based bruhh.

Greasiness: It can be quite greasy applying it on the hands can be a tough thing to get rid of but easier than that of any oil based.

Restyling: restyle it like any oil based pomade.

Washing: A little hard to wash out, require conditioner and shampoo to really wash out, but its scent still remains, so it doesnt 100% wash out.


Overall Pros & Cons

Pros: It really define the new era of pomades. I really love its scent and if there is any formal events that i need a reliable companion for it, no doubt, i would turn to crystal lake.

Cons: The application process is the most important and it really requires experience to gauge whether enough pomade is set into place cause sometimes more pomade is required to keep it in place, so i suggest dont rush with this product and also just bravely use more of this goodness.

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