About Pomade Reviews…

Hello. This would serve as a form of introduction before I get started with any pomade reviews.

Firstly, to start off, I stay in Singapore, so the weather is extremely humid. Most gel-based pomades would not harden and would not be able to last throughout the day, unless you are in air-con room most of the time. This topic would be covered in another post, so do look out for it in the near future.

Secondly, the reviews are purely based on my own interpretation of the product and the weather conditions when I am using it. If my review of the product is different from what other reviewers mentioned, please understand that it could be due to the difference in weather or it is just our individual response to that particular product and also, everyone have different types of hair, so it can caused a big difference in how the review would turn out.

Thirdly, I would do reviews only based on the availability of the pomade as well as the demand for it. For now, I will start it off with the few pomades that I have, so do wait for it patiently.

Lastly, the way that I would do my reviews is by first, going over the design of the jar. Followed by the scent and appearance of the product. And I would access the product based on the following criteria.
Application – How easy it is to scoop and spread the product on my hands and how easy it is to apply it onto my hair
Slickness – How easy it is to keep the hair together and ability to tame the strays
Strength – Simply just how strong the product is and how much product would be required to do its job
Shine – How shiny/matte the product is when applied
Endurance – How long can it last for, especially with such weather
Hardness – Does it hardened up or nah and its speed of hardening
Greasiness – In a sense, how oily the product is
Restyling  – Is it restyleable without water? And would it just fall apart afterwards?
Washing – How easy it is to wash the product out and how many times is it required to wash out completely

Also, I would be including another section of the product’s overall pros & cons. That means what i personally like and dislike about the product. Hopefully it can allow you to make a better decision on which pomade you should get.

Once again, I hope that my reviews can provide all of you, pomade users, to better understand the product that you are using.

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