River Safari Singapore – Decent day out 

I went to river safari recently and it was a great experience. I got to see pandas for the first time and also learn more about the different animals from the different rivers of the world.

Native fishes of the Yangtze river

There are several different river experience that they have to offer. They are the Mississippi river, Congo river, Ganges river, Mary river, river Nile, Mekong river and Yangtze river. They have boat rides available to further enhance your experience there and they are the Amazon River Quest and River Safari Cruise. There is also the Giant Panda Forest, Squirrel monkey forest and Amazon flooded forest.

Each individual river showcases different native animals. However, there are several animals that are often camouflaged or asleep when I was there so you may want to take note of it if you are visiting as well.

A red panda found in the Giant Panda forest

Personally I would recommend to pack your own lunch/snacks because it can be really costly to eat there. Especially after spending so much on the entry and boat ride tickets, you might want to consider the cheaper alternative to pack your own food.

It may appear to be a pretty big place but we cleared the whole area in less than 3 hours and we even went on to walk through the entire river safari a second time. It’s definitely reccomended to wear light clothes as it can get really hot when it is mid afternoon.

Do not worry if you run out of drinking water and you are not willing to buy a bottle of it (it is really expensive to buy a bottle of water, it costs SGD3.50 to buy a bottle of 100plus there), you can just head over to the back of the giant panda forest, there is a water cooler located in front of the toilet (FYI it provides cold water). There are two toilets within the entire safari, if I’m not wrong so you may want to take note of it as well.

I am sure many people would have a misunderstanding about  the river cruise boat ride and the Amazon River quest. Also, you would wanna get your tickets from tour agency sellers as it would be cheaper. However, do note that the boat admission tickets is only applicable for the Amazon River Quest. The River Cruise is a complimentary boat ride when you purchase the entrance tickets. So you only have to get the additional boat ride tickets for the Amazon River Quest. Also, do note that you can re-ride the Amazon River Quest, just simply walk one round again to re-enter and ride again so there is no need for you to purchase extra amazon river quest tickets.

Personally, I feel that the river cruise does not provide much as it is just going one big round around the upper seletar reservoir and it is more of a scenary viewing experience than an animal viewing experience. However, if you are into the tranquil and slow paced life then the river safari cruise is just the thing for you!

Scarlet ibis running wild

The Amazon River Quest boat ride is pretty fast so you might end up not seeing some of the animals within their enclosure. Also, you might want to consider taking the ride again as once is never enough. *Spoilers ahead* Do not worry about the water splashing into the boat as it moves along through the river, it is specially design so that water do not get splashed into the boat so you would not get wet.

Kaikai having his lunch

Fun fact: A panda’s diet includes 20kg of bamboo a day.

a flock of flamingos

All in all, going to the River Safari is definitely an enriching experience and everyone should try to go visit at least once. But I personally feel that the Zoo has more to offer than the River Safari due to the wider array of animals that can be seen in the Zoo. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself at River Safari.

Feel free to leave your comments or questions below and I’ll try to get back to you ASAP! Thank you for reading!

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